Rental Agreement / Terms & Conditions

Cabo Tours, Inc. is a California corporation that does business as First Class Retreats, hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, “First Class Retreats”, or “FCR”. FCR represents rental homes located in Mexico, California, and Hawaii. All properties and information are shown on our website at

The mailing address for the company is 804 San Luis Obispo Pl, San Diego, CA 92109.

Vacation Rental Rates

Each vacation rental located on the FCR website shows current USD rates based on season and number of guests. The number of guests shall not exceed the amounts shown on the FCR website without prior permission in writing from FCR. All pricing, services, and amenities are subject to change without notice. FCR reserves the right to substitute similar services, amenities or accommodations if original choices become unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of FCR. Substitutions may also be made by FCR if a price, service, or amenity is shown or quoted incorrectly.

Booking Reservations and Deposits

A confirmed reservation is one that is guaranteed by a deposit in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer or a valid credit card. This deposit is non-refundable. Once the deposit has been processed, a confirmation contract will be emailed to the rental client listing the home/condo, dates of the rental, amount of the rental, and all other pertinent information regarding the rental. The balance of the rental will be due and payable 60 days prior to the reservation date. Failure to pay will result in the cancellation of the reservation.

Security Deposit / Damage Insurance

At the time a reservation is made, FCR may require the rental client to pay a refundable security deposit, purchase an accidental damage policy, or both. The amount of both the security deposit and/or damage insurance policy will be determined by FCR and will be stipulated in the confirmation contract. Any damages to a property, its furnishings, or grounds which occurs through the actions of the rental client or their guests is the sole responsibility of the rental client. Funds collected by FCR through a security deposit and/or damage insurance policy will be used to cover the cost of damages incurred during the rental period.

Minimum Age

In order to enter into a contract with FCR, a rental client must be a minimum of 25 years of age. The rental client must also be staying with the group during the specified dates and could be asked to show a picture ID at any time during the stay. If FCR determines the rental client is not with the group or is indeed not 25 years old, the entire group is subject to eviction immediately without refund.

Cancellation Policy

Payments are non-refundable unless FCR is able to re-rent the property for the same period of time at the same rate. If the property is re-rented under these terms, a refund will be granted less a $150 cancellation fee. Alternatively, if the rental amount has been PAID IN FULL, guests have the option to rebook the same property, based upon availability, any time within one year from the original arrival date. Should the time selected be subject to a higher per diem rental rate, the difference in rate must be paid in order to rebook. A $75.00 rescheduling fee applies.

Refusal of Service

If at any time during the rental client’s stay FCR or the property management staff deems that the guests have treated the property or the staff unprofessionally or have caused flagrant damage to the property, the guests could be subject to eviction immediately. Properties are privately owned and the owner and property manager reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at their discretion. The owner and/or property manager are not responsible for accident, injury, or loss of money, jewelry and valuables of any kind. There will be no tolerance for any illegal activities at any property. Any illegal activities performed by the rental client and client’s guests will be grounds for immediate eviction.

Occupancy & Events

The total number of guests allowed in a property is restricted to the limit stated for said property. Parties, weddings or other large gatherings are not allowed at any property without written permission from FCR. Occupancy may not, at any time, go over maximum limits. Failure to abide the occupancy regulations may result in additional fees and/or eviction without refund.

Unexpected Events

The rental client acknowledges and accepts the following factors which may impact his use of the property rented under this agreement:

  • There may be construction in the area which may affect access, noise or utility services. Los Cabos is a growing community and construction may occur without notice. FCR has no control over new projects, remodels or schedules. Working hours are typically 7 AM to 5 PM weekdays.
  • Utility services may be interrupted as a result of natural causes.


Absolutely NO smoking inside any residence at any time.


No pets allowed at any residence.

Issues / Comments

Should any problems arise during the rental period, it is the responsibility of the rental client to contact the local management company immediately for assistance. Issues that are reported AFTER check-out will not be considered as the local management company must be given the opportunity to resolve the issue during the rental period.

Travel Insurance

FCR recommends that all travelers purchase travel insurance. FCR offers travel insurance through Rental Guardian at 7% of the total rental fee. This insurance is separate from the renter’s damage policy.

Incidental Charges

Gratuities, cribs, extra beds, groceries and all other fees incurred during the rental period must be paid in cash or by credit card upon receipt prior to vacating the rental property. Failure to abide by this stipulation may result in additional fees that will be deducted from the security deposit if applicable or charged to the rental client.

Natural Disasters

If a natural disaster occurs prior to the rental client’s arrival, the rental client will have one year to rebook the same home based upon availability and at the same rate. If the rental client, having already checked into the property, elects to leave during their stay, the rental client will have the option to rebook the balance of their stay at the same property, based upon availability, within one year from the original arrival date. Should the time selected be subject to a higher per diem rental rate, the difference in rate must be paid in order to rebook. A $75.00 rescheduling fee applies.

Waiver of Liability

This waiver of liability specifically addresses any possibility of injury to children or adults while on any property in Mexico represented by FCR. The rental client must read and fully understand that the decks, pool, steps, spa, and patio areas could pose a danger to children and careless adults. The rental client should be aware that there may be several sliding glass doors throughout a rental property that could pose a danger if walked into and broken. Further, it is understood that young children could open one of these sliding glass doors and proceed directly into the pool or unattended areas nearby. An adult should supervise young children at all times and take full responsibility for them. The rental client should also be aware that a property may be tiled and floors may be slippery when wet. The rental client shall accept full responsibility for the well-being of everyone in their group and will caution those in their party to take care when using the decks, patios, pool, or stairs, or when walking on the tile areas. Under no circumstances will any of the guests hold the owners of FCR, 2 Cabo Tours, Inc., or the property owners responsible for any accidents resulting in an injury or death while renting or residing at said property. This liability waiver also excludes any responsibility on the part of the owners, First Class Retreats, Baja Sur Vacation Rentals, or 2 Cabo Tours, Inc. for any personal items left in the house by the rental client during or after the rental departure dates. It is the rental client’s responsibility to secure all personal items at all times during the rental period.

Travel Documents

In order to enter Mexico, every person must have a valid passport. Failure to have current documents is not a valid reason for a cancellation or a refund as it is the responsibility of the rental client to know international travel requirements. For questions, please check with the appropriate consulate when traveling to Mexico for any and all updated requirements.


By making a reservation with 2 Cabo Tours, Inc. and FCR, the rental client agrees to the terms and conditions shown herein.